Pocketmouse at Crystal CovePocketmouse at Crystal Cove

story by marian parks | illustrations by melinda beavers

Pocketmouse is friendly, spunky, and absolutely determined to learn why he’s the only Pacific pocket mouse living at Crystal Cove. He asks lots of questions. He snoops and explores. Then he encounters more trouble than he’s prepared for!

A delightful read-­aloud for parents and teachers who value early environmental awareness, and a must-read for anyone who wants to nose around and explore the coastal wonders at California’s Crystal Cove State Park.

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Yosemite’s Rock-Lovin’ Bear

story by marian parks | illustrations by Christine Karron

Yosemite bears are brave mountaineers—all except Berto who’s terrified of heights! He’s also afraid of a bully named Buck, who torments him and makes fun of his rock collection. Berto’s problems only get worse until finally he learns that, just like the rocks, he has strength of his own.

Children will delight in Berto’s romp through Yosemite’s meadows, rivers, and forests. Along the way they’ll discover that they, too, have strengths of their own.

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Wanda’s Humpback Hula Show

story by marian parks | illustrations by Tammy Yee

When Wanda’s new baby brother arrives, she feels left out and miserable . . . until she cleverly hulas her way to humpback fame. Wanda delights in her newfound stardom, but one day a careless mistake ruins everything. It will take an apology to fix this mess!

Kids will enjoy Wanda’s entertaining antics, but they’ll also learn about the North Pacific humpback whale migration—and that sometimes, they need to say, “I’m sorry.”

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story by marian parks | illustrations by Christine Karron

It’s Wrinklerump’s first winter alone, and he needs a cave! He should have listened to Mother, who warned him not to dally around. But just as she feared, Wrinklerump would rather go sightseeing than work on finding a cave. Now Wrinklerump needs to buckle down . . . before it’s too late!

Kids will have fun following Wrinklerump’s sightseeing shenanigans on the illustrated map of Yellowstone, and they’ll also discover why it’s a good idea to exercise self-control.

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